Partnerships & Collaborations

Thanks to the dedication of so many volunteers, more than $11 million in donated services is provided to HANDS patients each year, giving donors a $15.60 return on each dollar invested in the future health and well-being of St. Lucie County.

HANDS of St. Lucie County is proud of its continuing efforts to maintain and gain new collaborative partners.

As of this date, HANDS' partners include:

How Our Partners Help

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Free labs and other diagnostic testing to HANDS patients, and third-year residents

Free xrays and other diagnostic testing is provided to HANDS patients

Free cancer treatments to HANDS patients

Providing patient referrals

Free mental health services to HANDS patients

Provides students as interns to the HANDS Clinic

Provide medical students to the HANDS Clinic to service patients

Provide patient referrals, and a network of volunteers, providing general health and diabetes education and awareness programs

Provides avenues of treatment and financial support for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sources of other funds

The Roseanne Gregory Cancer Foundation, PNC Bank, St. Lucie County Firefighters

Association, Florida Blue Foundation, Port St. Lucie Business Women, and Friends in Pink have made donations to HANDS that are specific to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Those funds may be used for treatment, travel, childcare, etc.

The Florida Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, The Board of County

Commissioners, United Way of St. Lucie County aid in sustaining the Clinic with major grant funding. United Way of St. Lucie County and the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County fully-fund the pediatric dental program.